About Us

28 years ago, three friends came together with a collection of recipes for homemade bread that had been researched, tested and sampled and a mutual passion for good, wholesome food. They wanted simple, delicious bread for their families without all the preservatives and chemicals that had started appearing in food at the supermarket. Most nutritious bread tasted dry and flavorless, while most good tasting bread was full of extra unnecessary ingredients. They tested out the recipes and found the solution. These recipes combined simple, wholesome ingredients with specific instructions for baking bread to perfection in texture and taste--and they are the same ingredients and methods used in the Heartland Bread Co. kitchen today. ​

While other business pursuits eventually took two of the friends and founders on different paths, Keith Warren continued Heartland Bread Co. and is the sole owner and president today. He oversees the production and quality of the bread in person to ensure his customers receive the very best. He lives with his family in Parker, Texas and can be found running, fishing, or reading in his spare time.

Heartland Bread Co. is made possible by a team of dedicated and talented bakers. Our bakers take special care with each loaf, measuring ingredients precisely for the best flavor, hand kneading the dough, and baking it to perfection.