Our Story

All natural made the old fashion way

Since 1994

Our Story

Heartland Bread was started in 1994 when the founder (a cancer researcher) was unable to buy sliced bread without preservatives on store shelves. A year later and on a shoestring budget, the first bakery opened in Plano, Texas. After years of baking delicious bread, and surviving as one of the last remaining independent commercial bakeries in Texas, the owner announced that he would be closing Heartland Bread.

A former NBA player and current NBA team President and his real estate partner heard about Heartland closing and decided to act. The two partners were told that an independent bakery could no longer compete with mega factories, preservatives, frozen bread and customers that preferred cheap prices over quality. The partners disagreed and decided to save Heartland Bread by purchasing the company.

Today, Heartland Bread is found in North Texas Whole Foods, Sprouts, Albertsons, Kroger, Tom Thumb, Natural Grocers, and independent farmers markets. In addition, Heartland Bread ships fresh bread to every state in the country and our reputation continues to grow.

We Strongly Believe that

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Consumers are intelligent and health conscious.

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Consumers want clean natural delicious sliced bread without preservatives.

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Consumers don’t want to be fooled with frozen bread left to thaw on store shelves.

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An independent bakery can survive and thrive by producing a delicious and honest product and giving back to the community.

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Our Bread

Jalapeno Cheddar- Coming Soon

Grandma’s Perfect White

Honey Whole Wheat

Mega Grain

Light Oat

Parmesan Spinach

Raisin Cinnamon Walnut

Cranberry Orange